Anger Management and Modern Warfare

Been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for a while. The campaign is ok but I think COOP and multiplayer is where it shines. That being said, I’ve found multiplayer to be saddled with some age old problems that effect most online games: trolls and anger. Today we won’t be discussing the trolls we all love so much – you know who they are: “You suck”, “Your mom sucks”, or those shock value 6 year olds every game attracts. No, today I want to help some people with a little anger management by imparting some information they may not be aware of.

I think half of the angst surrounding multiplayer has to do with playing style (mostly camping vs run-and-gun). Everyone has their own style, but some feel the way they play the game is the only way it should be played by everyone. Know this: They are wrong. Any style of play, any weapon load out, if a player can be successful with it then it is legit. If you are being killed by the same player in the same manner with the same weapon over and over again the are not camping, they are (hopefully) not cheating, they are beating you. Go to a different part of the map and find someone you CAN beat. Personally I don’t like not being in the action, so I will only linger as long as there are targets and move on when the targets run dry. So will the so called campers if you stop coming back. Questioning a persons character or courage based on how they play a video game will not change the fact that they are owning you.

The rest of the angst is just a lot of misunderstandings. Let’s address some that I’ve heard.

“There is no way he saw me” – Please be advised that what you see on your screen is not necessarily what others see. You may think you are completely hidden around a corner or behind a box by “mounting” it or just crouching behind it, but to the enemy half your body could be sticking out. Additionally, you may want to adjust your brightness or resolution settings – If you feel you were hidden by darkness or foliage, maybe you weren’t hidden to them. OR… maybe you weren’t killed by the player you thought you were….

“How do they always know where I am????” SO much to unpack here. If you are playing against a team that is communicating with each other, please understand that once you are spotted by one of them they ALL know where you are. It’s the miracle of voice chat. Enemy UAV’s tell them all where you are when deployed. Some players have Heartbeat Sensor or Tracker or Spotter enabled which show your position or footprints (you can too, they are in game perks). Or maybe they just stop and listen to you stomping around trying to run-and-gun them. Just sayin….

“There is no way they turned and fired on me that fast!” Look at your game settings. There are controls for stick sensitivity both vertical and horizontal. There are also settings regarding the aim assist. High sensitivity means faster response times. If you can’t play well with the higher settings, here is a tip – some weapons are faster than others and some attachments slow your weapon down.

Sometimes you encounter someone who has played a LOT of Modern Warfare. With all that practice some players are VERY good at it. What their social life is like is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. Before you get angry and make comments about it remember – you’re not mad at them, you’re mad that you got beat. Getting beat is all about you.

Hump Day Highlight: IliaMarie

Hey everyone, this weeks Hump Day Highlight is IliaMarie! This is a true variety streamer who is a gamer and a creator. When she isn’t building incredible things in Minecraft (really clever stuff) she’s doing crochet. The interesting thing about the crochet portion of her presentation is the “Octy” style she uses – a style of her own making. Really cute, some examples are pictured below, and she works on commissions onstream for us to watch.

The stream is very family friendly. Despite there being no chat games there is never a dull moment as she is very friendly and interactive with the chat, talking about a wide range of topics from the task at hand to life in general and is always glad to answer questions. Nice music is always playing in the background and despite the lively conversation the action seldom stops. Whether it’s a game or crochet, she is always efficient and moving forward. This is a stream you’ll keep coming back to time and again!

IliaMarie can be found on Twitch and Twitter. Check her out!

Hump Day Highlight: Halamar

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Halamar, who plays action and horror games. If horror games are your thing, he plays them every Friday. This streamer tries out a lot of indie horror titles along with the latest AAA action games. Known for his fast past (and sometimes epic) game play, he also mixes in plenty of witty remarks so there is never a dull moment in his playthroughs. When you hear him say “Go, Go, Go” you may be about to see something awesome. 

he chat for this stream is friendly and interactive. No chat games, but occasionally has song requests enabled. Not really needed as Halamar is VERY responsive to chat, responding to most viewer conversations. Despite the fast-paced action, he rarely misses a comment. Even in his Discord. 

If you’re looking for a seat-of-your-pants, interactive stream with plenty of laughs this is the place to be!  

Halamar can be found on Twitch and on Twitter. Check him out! 

Hump Day Highlight: Green_Leader87

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Green_Leader87. A chill PC streamer who is currently working through some of the more cerebral titles such as Satisfaction, No Mans Sky, and Stellaris. He also plays games like Rocket League, semi competitive and Hollow Knight. I’ve watch him and his team play Rocket League and they are quite good. 

The chat is as chill as the streamer. His viewers are friendly and interactive. The moderators are friendly and responsive. Green_Leader87 is also very responsive to chat, answering any questions and joining discussions about gaming in general. He has the normal list of games for chat to play. There are no sounds for chat to trigger so if those are an annoyance to you, you won’t have those to contend with. This stream focuses on the game at hand, which can be a refreshing change.  I highly recommend you give him a look, you’ll enjoy your stay.

Green_Leader87 can be found on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube. Also check out his game website – RITMO (yes, he is a game developer. More on that later).

Hump Day Highlight: TheIcemanCometh360

This weeks Hump Day Highlight is TheIcemanCometh360. The Iceman delivers a well put together stream “experience” with all the normal bells and whistles: a long list of available sounds for the viewer to trigger, in chat games and random quotes to enjoy and add to. The chatbot scrolls lots of useful information regarding stream rules, how to use commands, and links to social media and to the pages of “The Igloo” – The site dedicated to this stream where you can find game backlog and commands (including the full list of SFX).

Streams feature logical/tactical gameplay and a thorough search for secrets and loot all viewed on a clean game screen that focuses on gameplay. Iceman interacts with chat and has an active/attentive moderation staff featuring Miss_Beehave8. If you like watching games without spoilers, you love this chat as hints/tips/back seating/spoilers are not allowed. There are perks for subscribing and occasional giveaways.

TheIcemanCometh360 is active in his well-organized Discord and on social media. He can be found on Twitch , Twitter , and YouTube.

Check out TheIcemanCometh360 at 5pm CST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and Saturday at 9am EST/EDT. I’m certain he’ll become part of your regular rotation!

Hump Day Highlight: Miss_Beehave8

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Miss_Beehave8. Self-described in her Twitch profile as “Casual gamer, Glitch Queen, Cancer Arse Kicker, streamer and author.”, she presents to the viewer a “chill” stream with gameplay that exudes empathy and good decision making. A variety streamer, she plays mostly on PC, but has recently acquired a PS4. She is also a member of Team Outpost and enjoys supporting other streamers.

The in-stream currency is Honeypots which is used to play games in chat.

This is a family friendly stream with a relaxed atmosphere that is mainly live on Saturday and Sunday starting at 2pm CST. She offers a unique list of sound effects for viewers to play to interact with the game and streamer, and she is attentive to and responds well to viewer discussions and has been known to involve her chat in game decisions. She is also active and friendly with her community on Discord and the streaming community in general.

There is so much more to Miss_Beehave8, which we will delve into further with an upcoming spotlight article. Stay tuned for THAT, but in the meantime check out her stream and enjoy!

Miss_Beehave8 can be found at Twitch.TV/MissBeehave8 and on Twitter @Miss_Beehave8_

This weekends streaming

Had a lot of fun with the stream this weekend. I’m loving the new stream look, and had great times streaming with a couple of great people.

Saturday’s stream was a fresh-start Far Cry 5 play though with Halamar. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The game can get wild in coop all by itself, you add in a player like Halamar and it gets downright hilarious. missed streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 because I just didn’t want to stop all that fun. If you want to see the mayhem check it here. If you don’t have time to watch over six hours of stream here is a sample clip. Check it out.

Sunday, EmeralclPlays and I continued our Borderlands play though. Great times and funny moments as always. Emeralcl and I seem to play so well together. When we don’t play I really miss it. Check it out here!

Hump Day Highlight: 76Trombones

Every Wednesday, we’ll be highlighting a streamer that is worth your time. This inaugural post….

76Trombones is a casual gamer and streamer extraordinaire , who has been plying this hobby since 1/20/2018. If you like interactive streams this is a can’t miss: Steamer engages well with chat, has a rather long list of sound effects available to be used by the viewers, and utilizes polls in game to let those in chat help guide the course of the games with various decisions both big and small, and each stream features a review of different types of beer. 76Trombones is something of a beer connoisseur, but if your looking for a drunken stream this is not it. He examines, drinks, and rate the beers along with detailed descriptions of the look, smell and flavor.  The gaming features epic moments and hilarious fails in a wide variety of game genres. Membership to the channel has it’s perks, as listed here:

Subscriber Benefits:
Tier 1 ($4.99 or 1 free with Twitch Prime!)
-Instant Access to our Discord Server! (normally min. 30 hours spent watching)
-Sad Trombone Emote WOMPWOMP

Tier 2 ($9.99)
-SFX made by Trombones and a block of text announcing your presence in chat of your choice.
-Emote still TBD

Tier 3 ($24.99)
-1 SFX/month subbed made by trombones that you may use at your leisure! (not active during cutscenes). You accumulate these permanently for every month you sub! Even if you don’t sub anymore.

The moderation staff is attentive and engaging, seeing to the needs of both streamer and viewers. You won’t find a better atmosphere for watching a stream. (Disclosure: I am a MOD for this channel, but the real stars are 110Cornets, ShoggothontheRoof, and Schrodingerscat).

The story doesn’t end there. 76Trombones is a positive member of the streaming community. Kind, generous and liked by all. All around good guy and well worth your time.

Check him out at

He can also be found on Twitter  –




Stream Renovation!

Just finished a complete overhaul of the stream presentation. Got a stream package from Nerd or Die and set it up, so new screens, new alerts, and new panels in the profile. The live screen is the only place where I took stuff away. Removed from that screen are the logo, event list, and chat box. With the games we play these days being so beautiful and so immersive I wanted to have a live screen that focuses on just that – the game. The only remaining components there are the cam window and “Alienking1970”. I’m happy with it. The chat box has been moved to the IRL (or Just Chatting) screen. Come by and have a look, let me know what you think!

Also, I’ve become more focused on supporting other streamers and being a more active part of the streaming community. Been waging a Twitter campaign to promote other streams and working to expand both their communities and my own. To that end I’ll be participating in #FollowFridays on Twitter, each week providing a list of about 5 streamers on Twitter I think people should check out a follow. Here in the blog I’m planning something I (tentatively) call Humpday Highlight on Wednesdays where I will write a piece on the streamer and tout their attributes.

Still playing Red Dead Redemption 2. The conflict with the O’Driscolls is getting bloody and the whole thing feels like it’s spinning out of control as we start screwing with some very powerful people. Then there are the Pinkertons… who have been really quiet lately…

Anyway, lots on the horizon so stay tuned!

My Weekend Revelation

I play a lot of coop. Right now, there are 3 different games I’m playing with 3 different streamers. This is on top of the main campaign I’m currently playing in Red Dead Redemption 2. Since I play mostly on the weekend, it’s a busy 2 days. This past weekend, 2 of those coop streams were cancelled, as one person had a horrendous work schedule for the weekend and the other was doing something MUCH more fun. To fill some of that missing time, I decided to just add an extra stream of RDR2.

Don’t get me wrong, RDR2 I a very, very fun game but it doesn’t hold a candle to coop play. If you haven’t tried it yet, grab a friend and do so.

The point of all this is to say I discovered something amid the second RDR2 stream. I MUST have variety. I think Odyssey did that to me as I played a lot of it over the course of months and it became a grind. That’s why I haven’t played the 2nd DLC yet (though I will I’m sure). Thinking about it this week I’m not sure I could play just one game at a time anymore, even though I love watching other people do it. To be honest, the only game in the last year and a half I’ve been able to play for hours and hours and never get tired of was Far Cry 5.

I suppose in the end this means I’ll need to keep another game on standby in the event I need to fill another stream. Not a bad problem to have!