While playing Assassins Creed: Unity tonight a viewer commented what a good looking game it is. I agree, it looks great especially for being as old as it is. Too bad it had such a rough start with the glitches and rendering problems. Ubisoft got MOST of it fixed and even did right by its customers by delivering the Dead Kings DLC for free, but not before a really good game got a bad name and a lot of criticism that is ongoing despite the fixes. If you skipped it due to the bad press, I highly recommend you give it a try. You’ll love it.

2 thoughts on “Unfortunate

  1. Emerald

    It’s happened with a few games now. Battlefield. Halo.
    To me, if a game is not ready, don’t release it. Be open and explain the reasons why. Fans will be much happier, knowing the game they want will be released finished.
    Yes there would always be the critics who complain about delays. But you can please everyone.


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