AC Odyssey impressions

Started streaming Assassins Creed: Odyssey tonight. Looks like it’s going to be awesome for a few reasons. Number one – It’s beautiful. Each time a new entry in a series is released we expect it to be visually better than the last and Odyssey doesn’t disappoint. The view is stunning and deep, much more crisp and detailed and smooth than it’s predecessor which was a beautiful game itself. Number two – The combat. Ubisoft took the popular controls from Origins and improved on things that weren’t so popular. The best example of this would be the parry. In Origins it was almost impossible to parry. In fact most people just dodged because it was much more reliable. In Odyssey it’s much more straight forward, RB+LB= parry. Just that easy and makes combat a joy for those of us who parry more than dodge. Number three – the choices. Ubisoft has added an RPG element to Odyssey that has a direct impact on the game. The choices you make determine how the game plays out, with some immediate consequences and some that manifest later. So you might play the game differently the next time and have a some new experiences. The fourth and maybe greatest is you decide just how open world you want it. You can opt for the way games are usually played with lots of guidance and markers telling you where you need to go, or minimal guidance where you have to pay attention to conversations and figure out for yourself what to do. That is at this point the epitome of open-world. This is going to be a great ride. Pick it up and play it or watch someone (like me!) stream it, but you should definitely experience this game.

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