Back in the Saddle

Apologies for the long period of inactivity here. Been busy with other things, but refocusing on the site and the blog. Have a look around as some things have been updated.

Appropriate title considering the main game I’m currently streaming – Red Dead Redemption 2. Another gorgeous game, every bit as beautiful as Odyssey was – just in a very different setting. The detail put into this big open world map is astounding, all the way down to the wildlife roaming around. Not unusual to see rabbits hopping by while riding your horse to the next adventure. You even need to maintain your weapons if you expect them to continue working… and don’t forget to eat, sleep, and take care of that horse! I’ve not done very well keeping my honor level up, but the protagonist IS an outlaw and if you’ve seen me stream you know that I like to start trouble anyway so…. Yea. Super fun game and I highly recommend it to every one.

Since last I posted, I played Far Cry: New Dawn. It’s a shorter sequel to Far Cry 5. It plays just like 5 did, but in a post apocalyptic Hope County. One of the things I wanted after Far Cry 5 was to know what happened to the Rookie and Joseph Seed. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll just say it’s just as fun as 5 and provides some closure to the story (if you’re looking for that as I was). It is also MAD fun in coop, just like 5 was.

Again, I apologize for the absence. The plan is to blog about video games, streaming, Xenomorphs, and some sports opinions. So let’s have at it!

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