Being a Moderator

I don’t just stream on Twitch, I’m also a moderator, currently “modding” for 5 other channels. Truth be told I spend more time moderating than I do streaming.  People mod for various reasons, and while I won’t speculate on the motivations of others I can speak to mine – I love to help people.

That level of help really depends on the streamer. Some either automate everything and do any manual stuff themselves. They may or may not even have mods. Some rely heavily on mods, asking them to do things and interacting with them during the stream. For this reason, it’s important to know your role as a mod and take action appropriately based on the needs/preferences of your streamer. Not just as it pertains to incident mitigation (time outs/warnings/post deletions vs bans), but mundane tasks such as event commands (shout outs/info) or providing information about the game that the streamer asks for because they can’t just stop the stream and Google it. Most streamers have preferences and it’s important to adhere to them, so the presentation is what the streamer wants it to be. Some streams I’m very proactive in and others I wait for the streamer’s directions.

A good moderator helps a streamer not only with tasks and rule enforcement but also with consistency of the presentation and viewer retention. If you’re active in chat it provides a higher level of engagement that the streamer may not have the ability to provide depending on the intensity of the game. Additionally, providing information to the viewers at the appropriate moments such as connect info or links related to the streamer can really help build their community. Spreading the word about your streamer on social media (not in other chats) can help build viewers as well.

So talk to your streamer(s). Know your role and help keep them at center stage!

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