Why Xeno’s?

You may have wondered at some point why I’m so fascinated with xenomorphs… Well here’s the story.

My parents took me with them one year when I was 10 years old to their CPA’s home while they got their taxes done. It was a classic case of “occupy the kid while we get this done” scenario, and he offered to let me watch one of his movies, assuring my parents that they were all fine for kids to watch. As my parents went into his office I looked at this huge library of BETA cassettes and one in particular caught my eye. Not sure what was so intriguing about this one. It had only been out for a year and I wasn’t really into movies at that age, but something about the title drew me in. It simply said “Alien”. Who knows, maybe it was the blocky way the letters looked… Without hesitation he got it out, stuck it in the player and started it, then brought me something to drink and told me where the restroom was. I was alone from that point on.

The special effects in that movie were at the time amazing, surpassing that of Star Wars. I didn’t make that distinction at the time,  but it certainly looked different than anything I had seen. That was enough to keep my attention fixed on it. When Kane met his demise and the dinner table, I said “coooool” at all the blood and gore and was intrigued by the little bitty monster that came out. When the full grown Alien made its appearance in the refinery to take Brett, I was confused – “where did THAT come from?” As the plot went on I began to both understand what had happened and feel the terror the Nostromo’s crew was feeling. When Ripley finally found herself alone and encountered the Alien in the hall (where she put Jones down and backed away as the Alien slowly looked around the corner), I was so terrified I couldn’t even scream. Just sat there wide eyed, mouth open and not breathing. Of course at the near – end of the movie I was in a full-on panic. But yet when it was over, I wasn’t relieved. I wanted more. What about the rest of those eggs? What will happen to Ripley?

I stewed on that for 6 years until Aliens was released in theaters. It was actually the TV trailer for Aliens that gave birth to the AlienKing. At that point the fright was gone (no movie has ever scared me like Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror classic did) and sheer glee took its place. The only movie I’ve been as excited to see as Aliens was Alien: Covenant, and it only refueled the obsession.

So there you have it. Now you know.

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