Stream Renovation!

Just finished a complete overhaul of the stream presentation. Got a stream package from Nerd or Die and set it up, so new screens, new alerts, and new panels in the profile. The live screen is the only place where I took stuff away. Removed from that screen are the logo, event list, and chat box. With the games we play these days being so beautiful and so immersive I wanted to have a live screen that focuses on just that – the game. The only remaining components there are the cam window and “Alienking1970”. I’m happy with it. The chat box has been moved to the IRL (or Just Chatting) screen. Come by and have a look, let me know what you think!

Also, I’ve become more focused on supporting other streamers and being a more active part of the streaming community. Been waging a Twitter campaign to promote other streams and working to expand both their communities and my own. To that end I’ll be participating in #FollowFridays on Twitter, each week providing a list of about 5 streamers on Twitter I think people should check out a follow. Here in the blog I’m planning something I (tentatively) call Humpday Highlight on Wednesdays where I will write a piece on the streamer and tout their attributes.

Still playing Red Dead Redemption 2. The conflict with the O’Driscolls is getting bloody and the whole thing feels like it’s spinning out of control as we start screwing with some very powerful people. Then there are the Pinkertons… who have been really quiet lately…

Anyway, lots on the horizon so stay tuned!

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