Hump Day Highlight: 76Trombones

Every Wednesday, we’ll be highlighting a streamer that is worth your time. This inaugural post….

76Trombones is a casual gamer and streamer extraordinaire , who has been plying this hobby since 1/20/2018. If you like interactive streams this is a can’t miss: Steamer engages well with chat, has a rather long list of sound effects available to be used by the viewers, and utilizes polls in game to let those in chat help guide the course of the games with various decisions both big and small, and each stream features a review of different types of beer. 76Trombones is something of a beer connoisseur, but if your looking for a drunken stream this is not it. He examines, drinks, and rate the beers along with detailed descriptions of the look, smell and flavor.  The gaming features epic moments and hilarious fails in a wide variety of game genres. Membership to the channel has it’s perks, as listed here:

Subscriber Benefits:
Tier 1 ($4.99 or 1 free with Twitch Prime!)
-Instant Access to our Discord Server! (normally min. 30 hours spent watching)
-Sad Trombone Emote WOMPWOMP

Tier 2 ($9.99)
-SFX made by Trombones and a block of text announcing your presence in chat of your choice.
-Emote still TBD

Tier 3 ($24.99)
-1 SFX/month subbed made by trombones that you may use at your leisure! (not active during cutscenes). You accumulate these permanently for every month you sub! Even if you don’t sub anymore.

The moderation staff is attentive and engaging, seeing to the needs of both streamer and viewers. You won’t find a better atmosphere for watching a stream. (Disclosure: I am a MOD for this channel, but the real stars are 110Cornets, ShoggothontheRoof, and Schrodingerscat).

The story doesn’t end there. 76Trombones is a positive member of the streaming community. Kind, generous and liked by all. All around good guy and well worth your time.

Check him out at

He can also be found on Twitter  –




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