Hump Day Highlight: Miss_Beehave8

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Miss_Beehave8. Self-described in her Twitch profile as “Casual gamer, Glitch Queen, Cancer Arse Kicker, streamer and author.”, she presents to the viewer a “chill” stream with gameplay that exudes empathy and good decision making. A variety streamer, she plays mostly on PC, but has recently acquired a PS4. She is also a member of Team Outpost and enjoys supporting other streamers.

The in-stream currency is Honeypots which is used to play games in chat.

This is a family friendly stream with a relaxed atmosphere that is mainly live on Saturday and Sunday starting at 2pm CST. She offers a unique list of sound effects for viewers to play to interact with the game and streamer, and she is attentive to and responds well to viewer discussions and has been known to involve her chat in game decisions. She is also active and friendly with her community on Discord and the streaming community in general.

There is so much more to Miss_Beehave8, which we will delve into further with an upcoming spotlight article. Stay tuned for THAT, but in the meantime check out her stream and enjoy!

Miss_Beehave8 can be found at Twitch.TV/MissBeehave8 and on Twitter @Miss_Beehave8_

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