Hump Day Highlight: TheIcemanCometh360

This weeks Hump Day Highlight is TheIcemanCometh360. The Iceman delivers a well put together stream “experience” with all the normal bells and whistles: a long list of available sounds for the viewer to trigger, in chat games and random quotes to enjoy and add to. The chatbot scrolls lots of useful information regarding stream rules, how to use commands, and links to social media and to the pages of “The Igloo” – The site dedicated to this stream where you can find game backlog and commands (including the full list of SFX).

Streams feature logical/tactical gameplay and a thorough search for secrets and loot all viewed on a clean game screen that focuses on gameplay. Iceman interacts with chat and has an active/attentive moderation staff featuring Miss_Beehave8. If you like watching games without spoilers, you love this chat as hints/tips/back seating/spoilers are not allowed. There are perks for subscribing and occasional giveaways.

TheIcemanCometh360 is active in his well-organized Discord and on social media. He can be found on Twitch , Twitter , and YouTube.

Check out TheIcemanCometh360 at 5pm CST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and Saturday at 9am EST/EDT. I’m certain he’ll become part of your regular rotation!

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