Hump Day Highlight: Green_Leader87

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Green_Leader87. A chill PC streamer who is currently working through some of the more cerebral titles such as Satisfaction, No Mans Sky, and Stellaris. He also plays games like Rocket League, semi competitive and Hollow Knight. I’ve watch him and his team play Rocket League and they are quite good. 

The chat is as chill as the streamer. His viewers are friendly and interactive. The moderators are friendly and responsive. Green_Leader87 is also very responsive to chat, answering any questions and joining discussions about gaming in general. He has the normal list of games for chat to play. There are no sounds for chat to trigger so if those are an annoyance to you, you won’t have those to contend with. This stream focuses on the game at hand, which can be a refreshing change.  I highly recommend you give him a look, you’ll enjoy your stay.

Green_Leader87 can be found on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube. Also check out his game website – RITMO (yes, he is a game developer. More on that later).

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