Hump Day Highlight: Halamar

This week’s Hump Day Highlight is Halamar, who plays action and horror games. If horror games are your thing, he plays them every Friday. This streamer tries out a lot of indie horror titles along with the latest AAA action games. Known for his fast past (and sometimes epic) game play, he also mixes in plenty of witty remarks so there is never a dull moment in his playthroughs. When you hear him say “Go, Go, Go” you may be about to see something awesome. 

he chat for this stream is friendly and interactive. No chat games, but occasionally has song requests enabled. Not really needed as Halamar is VERY responsive to chat, responding to most viewer conversations. Despite the fast-paced action, he rarely misses a comment. Even in his Discord. 

If you’re looking for a seat-of-your-pants, interactive stream with plenty of laughs this is the place to be!  

Halamar can be found on Twitch and on Twitter. Check him out! 

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