Hump Day Highlight: IliaMarie

Hey everyone, this weeks Hump Day Highlight is IliaMarie! This is a true variety streamer who is a gamer and a creator. When she isn’t building incredible things in Minecraft (really clever stuff) she’s doing crochet. The interesting thing about the crochet portion of her presentation is the “Octy” style she uses – a style of her own making. Really cute, some examples are pictured below, and she works on commissions onstream for us to watch.

The stream is very family friendly. Despite there being no chat games there is never a dull moment as she is very friendly and interactive with the chat, talking about a wide range of topics from the task at hand to life in general and is always glad to answer questions. Nice music is always playing in the background and despite the lively conversation the action seldom stops. Whether it’s a game or crochet, she is always efficient and moving forward. This is a stream you’ll keep coming back to time and again!

IliaMarie can be found on Twitch and Twitter. Check her out!

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