Anger Management and Modern Warfare

Been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for a while. The campaign is ok but I think COOP and multiplayer is where it shines. That being said, I’ve found multiplayer to be saddled with some age old problems that effect most online games: trolls and anger. Today we won’t be discussing the trolls we all love so much – you know who they are: “You suck”, “Your mom sucks”, or those shock value 6 year olds every game attracts. No, today I want to help some people with a little anger management by imparting some information they may not be aware of.

I think half of the angst surrounding multiplayer has to do with playing style (mostly camping vs run-and-gun). Everyone has their own style, but some feel the way they play the game is the only way it should be played by everyone. Know this: They are wrong. Any style of play, any weapon load out, if a player can be successful with it then it is legit. If you are being killed by the same player in the same manner with the same weapon over and over again the are not camping, they are (hopefully) not cheating, they are beating you. Go to a different part of the map and find someone you CAN beat. Personally I don’t like not being in the action, so I will only linger as long as there are targets and move on when the targets run dry. So will the so called campers if you stop coming back. Questioning a persons character or courage based on how they play a video game will not change the fact that they are owning you.

The rest of the angst is just a lot of misunderstandings. Let’s address some that I’ve heard.

“There is no way he saw me” – Please be advised that what you see on your screen is not necessarily what others see. You may think you are completely hidden around a corner or behind a box by “mounting” it or just crouching behind it, but to the enemy half your body could be sticking out. Additionally, you may want to adjust your brightness or resolution settings – If you feel you were hidden by darkness or foliage, maybe you weren’t hidden to them. OR… maybe you weren’t killed by the player you thought you were….

“How do they always know where I am????” SO much to unpack here. If you are playing against a team that is communicating with each other, please understand that once you are spotted by one of them they ALL know where you are. It’s the miracle of voice chat. Enemy UAV’s tell them all where you are when deployed. Some players have Heartbeat Sensor or Tracker or Spotter enabled which show your position or footprints (you can too, they are in game perks). Or maybe they just stop and listen to you stomping around trying to run-and-gun them. Just sayin….

“There is no way they turned and fired on me that fast!” Look at your game settings. There are controls for stick sensitivity both vertical and horizontal. There are also settings regarding the aim assist. High sensitivity means faster response times. If you can’t play well with the higher settings, here is a tip – some weapons are faster than others and some attachments slow your weapon down.

Sometimes you encounter someone who has played a LOT of Modern Warfare. With all that practice some players are VERY good at it. What their social life is like is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. Before you get angry and make comments about it remember – you’re not mad at them, you’re mad that you got beat. Getting beat is all about you.

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